One of the most common services is perform is providing a friendly, clean and comfortable environment for pets to stay with us when their owner’s travel. At Miss-Lou, our facility is cared for by our experienced team, who love furry family members. Your dog or cat will be right at home at our climate-controlled facility that stays cool in the summer and toasty during winter. Our boarding area at the clinic is constantly patrolled by our compassionate staff to insure all food and water is at appropriate levels and that any mess is cleaned right away!

Our canine boarders will be taken outside, exercised, and walked daily. We love showing your four-legged friend the same love you give them at home. Any medication, special diet food, or favorite toy should be brought for your dog’s visit with us. Finally, all vaccinations must be current. If you are unsure of your pet’s vaccination status, please contact our clinic in advance of your stay so we can administer any vaccines if necessary.

Years ago when people traveled, they would simply leave behind their cats with extra-large food and water bowls and a small mountain of clean cat litter. Today there is a much safer and more caring way to leave your friend behind; let the stay with us at Miss-Lou! At our clinic, we understand that cats are not simply small dogs that have much different needs. Therefore, we keep all feline boarders separate from the canines to prevent stress cats can feel from constant barking. Another way we cater to our kitties is the condos in which they stay. There are plenty of things for them to climb and scratch and exhibit their natural curiosity. For the safety of all feline boarders, cats must be up-to-date on all vaccines. If your cat needs vaccination prior to their stay, please call in advance to set up an appointment to get them ready for their time with us.

The boarding areas fill up fast at Miss-Lou, especially during the holidays and summertime. We look forward to caring for your furry family member, so call ahead for their stay with us.