Dental Care

The oral health of a pet is one of the most important foundations of their overall condition. Just like people, when pets do not receive proper dental care, they can have swollen and painful gums, difficulty chewing food due to painful teeth, and ultimately diseases of the heart, liver and kidney. Good oral hygiene should begin early for puppies and kittens and continue throughout their lives.

When should I start caring for my pet’s teeth?
Beginning brushing your pet’s teeth early makes it easier on both of you as time goes on! It is also important to begin oral care at a young age, as studies indicate dogs and cats as young as one year can exhibit signs of early dental disease.

How does dental disease occur in pets?
Just like people, when pets eat, tiny portions of their food remain on the teeth and in the mouth. Bacteria begin to develop layers of plaque and tartar on their teeth, leading not only to painful teeth and gum disease, but heart, liver and kidney issues as well. The plaque and tartar on teeth contain dangerous bacteria that will be swallowed by your pet and affect their heart and kidneys, and can ultimately lead to failure of either or both of these vital organs.

Like most issues in human and veterinary medicine, prevention is much more effective and less expensive than treatment and this is especially true with oral health. At Miss-Lou Veterinary Clinic, we clean and polish your pet’s teeth, as well as instruct you on ways you can improve their oral hygiene at home through brushing and proper diet. It is never too early or too late to begin taking care of your pet’s dental needs. Call one of the caring team members at Miss-Lou to schedule appointment for your furry family member today.