Pain Management

One of the hardest symptoms to recognize in animals is pain. Animals have a natural instinct to hide any weakness or pain in order to protect themselves from predators. The doctors at Miss-Lou Veterinary Hospital are well trained to identify pain symptoms and to determine if this pain is acute (new onset) or chronic (long lasting) pain.

Acute pain is usually attributed to injury, trauma or surgical healing. This type of pain is usually treated with high-dose but short term medication. Chronic pain could be from years of joint issues, arthritis, and even cancer. Chronic pain is usually treated with low-dose but long term medications.

Miss-Lou Veterinary Hospital uses not only oral pain killers to treat pain, but also steroid treatment, physical therapy, surgical intervention, acupuncture and laser therapy. Having a variety of options helps you and the doctors at Miss-Lou find the best fit for you and your pet.