Laser Therapy

Miss-Lou Veterinary Hospital has chosen to be one of the few clinics in the area to offer laser therapy to assist in wound healing and inflammation relief. Our hospital uses the Companion Laser Therapy system, which is a leading manufacturer in veterinary medicine. The technology used in our hospital accelerates your pet’s ability to heal by helping cells regenerate at a faster rate. The benefits to using laser therapy on your pet are:

  • • Non-pharmacologic pain relief
  • • Effective for difficult conditions
  • • Alternative to surgery
  • • Fast treatment times
  • • Easy, comfortable, non-invasive treatment
  • • Scientifically-proven
Laser therapy can treat a variety of conditions including: inflammatory joint disease; wound healing; sprains and fractures; inflammatory bowel disease; lick granulomas; feline acne and even dental disease relief.


When your pet undergoes a laser therapy session at Miss-Lou Veterinary Hospital, it is a very laid-back and relaxed atmosphere. Your pet may even sleep through their session because relief from pain is almost immediate! How long the relief lasts depends on the severity of the condition and it is important to remember that it may take several sessions to give complete treatment. Ask our staff for more information if you are interested in setting up a session for your animal companion.